In a survey carried out by Doula UK (the not for profit UK doula association www.doula.org.uk 100% of mothers and fathers surveyed said they would hire a birth doula again and recommend it to their friends! Below, I have noted some comments and testimonials that I have received from parents who employed me as birth and/or postnatal doula. I have kept these comments anonymous to respect the privacy of parents.


Breastfeeding is going well - hurray! I'm so glad we persevered with it and didn't give up. Which brings me to my "thank you's and what it meant to have your support.
I found our antenatal sessions really inspiring. When you left afterwards we were both buzzing with excitement about parenting our own way - that there is no right or wrong. You really got what we're all about and your knowledge and suggestions really fitted with our own approach. I loved the little exercise we did right at the start where you asked us to write down the first words that came to mind when we thought about the baby. It made the whole experience really personal to us, which we felt was a million miles from what we got out of NCT classes.

During labour and the birth your presence was very reassuring. I felt much more comfortable labouring at home knowing you were there. When we were at the hospital and in the heat of the moment when I was offered various choices it was nice to be able to turn to you knowing that you knew what my wishes were as we'd discussed beforehand. It felt hugely reassuring to have you there knowing you knew exactly what I wanted and could communicate with the midwife and doctors when I struggled to - especially when things weren't going to plan!

Finally the support I am perhaps most grateful for is what came afterwards. You really helped me process my experience of the birth. It was invaluable being able to pick up the phone and talk through the experience with you as you were there too. And it meant the world to me you coming along to the hospital afterwards to talk through the birth notes with the supervising midwife, thank you.
Also, it meant so much to me being able to talk to you about breastfeeding. when the midwives were encouraging me to use formula when J lost 10% of his birth weight (I worked out afterwards it was actually only 9%!) I was so determined to breastfeed and would probably have given up if I hadn't had your support on the phone. It was just great having someone I could really trust to know her stuff to pick up the phone to!. I also really appreciated how you called on your network of colleagues to get a second opinion for example about breastfeeding or about discussing our birth notes. It was really great to have such sound, trustworthy, warm and supportive advice just a phone call away. Invaluable when there are a million different opinions and recommendations everywhere you turn - from family to hospital staff to the internet. The result was I breastfed Jand sure enough his weight shot right back up to his birth weight in just a few days with no need for formula. So much so that midwives who saw him afterwards remarked that he had regained his birth weight much sooner than average and was very healthy. My instinct and your suggestions were right. When I look back I'm so glad that's what I listened to.
(j&d, july 2015)
I heard about doulas from a friend. I considered it from the start but took a while to decide to book as I thought it would be a luxury. But it wasn't at all, it was the best investment we made in our life as a family.
I had always feared birthing and read loads to try and empower myself. I think meeting Caron and Sam helped tidying up in my mind my beliefs about birthing and put the info I acquired into context.
Having a team of doulas meant we benefited from the different expertise each brought to our antenatal sessions.
Then the last few weeks of pregnancy came. Caron and Sam were very supportive and were always available on the phone and email as we needed to deal with the uncertainty and the wait.
Our baby was born at estimated 42 weeks and 2 days of gestation. The doula offered us materials to read to inform our decisions on induction. She never offered her opinion but had a great listening ear. We ended up waiting for the baby to decide when to be born, having monitoring instead of interventions……
I will always remember hearing the calm voice of the doula suggesting I listen to my body throughout labour, her guidance during birth on breathing the baby out slowly. It was beautiful and I want to do it again.
(s&p feb 2015)
Informative, supportive, caring: these three words spring to mind when thinking of Caron and the support she provided us with. Thanks to Caron we had an empowering birth experience, that had a positive impact on our family and my life in particular. What a welcome change it was from our first birth experience!
E.S - June 2015
Having caron as our doula was such a good decision; we are both so relieved we found her.
In short, she made pregnancy, birth and early parenthood far less daunting and terrifying and, by keeping us calm, informed and relaxed, made it something we could actually both look forward to and enjoy (rather than fear and dread!).
She's a joy to spend time with and my early worries of perhaps it being strange sharing such an intimate private experience with a stranger were totally unfounded - I just felt very reassured and comforted by her gentle and encouraging presence.
Caron is so well informed and knowledgeable in her field, she helped me with almost every aspect of pregnancy and planning my ideal birth. She was not only a huge emotional support, but also supported us both in a very practical way. I trust her completely. she made things a lot easier for my partner - giving him the confidence he was lacking before we met her.
I would recommend caron to everyone considering hiring a doula. She's a kind and generous woman, a great doula and we miss her in our lives!
(n&s aug 2015)
F: "during the birth she helped me with positioning and to understand all the questions the midwives and doctors were asking me, as in my haze I was struggling with their unfamiliar accents. She also had cool cloths, drinking water, biscuits and the gas and air to hand. I would not even contemplate having another child without a doula. However, to be more specific, I wouldn't want to do it again without Caron. I can't praise Caron's work highly enough . Her work with us during the postnatal period turned a previous time period into a less daunting and more fun time".
D:..."My doula gave me a lot of information, built a rapport and clarified issues, as well as explain the role she will be playing before and during the labour. She made me relaxed and less anxious. I used less pain relief. She encouraged me to bond and breastfeed my baby. I am very happy with the services of my doula. She is a fantastic lady and empathises with you.D's partner: "having a doula and particularly Caron, has been a revelation. From the first day of meeting to the present, Caron has always been highly professional, very personable and provided me with total confidence. It has been a genuine relief to see the relief, support and guidance Caron has provided my wife...a true superstar. Thank you once again Caron. All our love and respect. (JS&DK)
D: "Caron was amazing with the support she gave me. She helped to make me as comfortable as possible and allowed my husband to give his sole attention to me as he trusted her to take care of other things. She helped me with breastfeeding straight away. She helped me shower and short my things. Caron called me regularly after the baby was born to see how I was doing. She came to visit me and helped me breastfeeding and supported myself and my husband with our newborn. My husband and I were delighted that we found Caron as she was absolutely amazing and made our birth experience a fabulous one. We are so grateful to her".
Words cannot express our gratitude; your support before and during the birth of our baby daughter was phenomenal. You were patient, kind, understanding, unobtrusive, considerate, funny and extremely supportive. Having you support us during the birth was priceless. I truly believe that every woman should have a doula. I would be only too happy for you to give out my name and contact should you require any references.