Feeding Support



I have good general experience in regard to breastfeeding since I was fortunate to undertake my midwifery training at one of the first universities to be credited with the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly University Standards awards. I have also subsequently taken the Unicef/Baby Friendly Initiative Breastfeeding Management Course, and regularly facilitated the breastfeeding sessions on the postnatal ward on which I previously worked. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed breastfeeding each of my own children, (although it wasn't always easy), so feel well equipped to support new mothers who wish to breastfeed. However should your needs fall outside of my expertise, I would endeavour to signpost you to appropriate breastfeeding professionals.

However I am aware and sympathetic to the fact that breastfeeding may not be the choice of all women, and I am very happy to support and help you with any feeding choice you make.